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Underground car balers

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Buried auto packing machine, metal baling press, baling press,Baler

Packing machine instructions for operation degree of operation:

⒈Load the tape according to the attached drawing, and tighten the handle (in the tool box). Attention to the baler: ①The 170 and 190 mm high tape rolls should be tightened according to the attached drawing. ②To prevent loosening of the tape, install Do not disassemble the wrapping paper and rope before tape, and remove it after putting it in the tape reel and fixing it.

⒉Wear the strapping machine.

3. For the mid-stage and low-stage models, first remove the upper limit screw of the tape reel triangle bracket, turn the brake lever upright, and then reinstall the limit screw. Then insert the bracket into the slot on the right side of the rack and tighten it tightly. Screw and put on the reel. Pass the lead through the rewind wheel A→rewind film→rewind wheel B until you see the lead passing out of the machine table.

⒋The high platform type of the baler opens the left door, puts in the tape reel, then opens the right door, passes the leader through the pulley A→rewind wheel B, then passes the leader through the lower hole of the right door, closes the right door, and then puts the leader through Over the small frame (four) → upper hole on the right door → rewind wheel C → rewind film → rewind wheel D until you see the lead passing through the table.

⒌After the operation is completed, the strapping machine turns on the "power switch" on the front panel of the machine. After about one minute, the temperature of the ironing head has reached the working requirements, turn on the "power switch", and the strapping work can begin.

⒍In order to ensure the safety of the operator, the baler machine must be connected to the protective ground wire PE. If there is a leakage phenomenon, be sure to check whether the power socket is connected to the protective wire.

⒎If the temperature is insufficient, adjust the "temperature controller" (that is, the knob on the ironing head transformer in the machine). Turning the baler to the right can increase the temperature of the ironing head, and turning it left can reduce the temperature.

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